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Chokeberry Video

Just realized that my chokeberry video never made it to this blog for some reason! Well, here it is. Even though chokeberries ripen in autumn, they can often be found hanging on the shrub throughout winter. Though in my experience, they are much tastier when fresh!

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Plum Chutney Recipe

Okay, so I know that plums aren't technically a wild food. But there is such a thing as wild plums (Prunus nigra and Prunus americana), and they will be in season soon in the Twin Cities area! Also, I tend to lump gleaning in with foraging. ("Gleaning" is the act of harvesting leftover or second-rate fruits or vegetables from farms or gardens.) And I gleaned these plums from my friends' yard! Furthermore, domesticated plants often grow feral in fields and forests: apples, asparagus, pears, and parsnips are commonly found in the wild. Finally, I think it's silly not to take advantage of an abundant food source strictly because it isn't wild. Falling fruits abound both in urban and rural environments, and I love harvesting them, eating them, and getting other people excited about them! So here you are-- a plum recipe!

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